About Us

Promoting and Supporting Local Agriculture

Doorstep Farmers' major objective is to support the local farm and agriculture community (specifically those that farm organically). Doing so ensures that small, family farmers can thrive and continue to grow in a way that is sustainable and healthy for the people of their communities. Buying local also helps the local economy by circulating money locally rather than sending it out of state or out of country. Local farmers do so much for the community, the growing trend is that the community also support their local farmers.

Promoting and Supporting Community

Through the development of this company the realization crept up that what really is the most important thing about this endeavor is the community. So we began to think of ways we could do even more to contribute to bringing the community together and so developed our 2-1 campaign. The 2-1 campaign simply, is that for every 2 new supporters that subscribe to our service Doorstep Farmers will donate 1 pound of produce from our local farms to the Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano County.

Promoting Healthy Eating and Healthy Families

The produce that is delivered by Doorstep Farmers comes directly from the local farms themselves. They are delivered within days of being picked - ensuring that all the health benefits from anti-oxidants and vitamins are at their peak. Providing meals for you or your family which include our produce is an excellent way to ensure optimal health from food.

Supporting Local Agriculture by Subscribing to Doorstep Farmers

We believe that all of us as a community have an obligation to support our local, organic, family farms and to take pride in them - making them a major asset in our community. In light of this belief, our subscribers are referred to as "Agricultural Community Members". Doorstep Farmers makes it easy and convenient to support local agriculture and get a variety of fresh, organic produce into your house on a weekly basis.

Freezing Your Account

A member may choose to "freeze" his/her account for period of up to 1 month. This is a great option for those who travel and or want a break from deliveries for any reason. A freeze request must be made by email at least 72 hours prior to delivery day.

Please send all freeze requests to memberservices@doorstepfarmers.com and be sure to include your contact information. Please call to confirm if you do not receive an email confirmation within 72 hours of sending your request.

Refund Policy

Doorstep Farmers does everything possible to ensure the highest quality produce available within the local, organic, farming community. If a member finds an item to be of poor quality Doorstep Farmers will issue a credit for the cost of the item. Doorstep Farmers reserves the right to issue full refunds only at its discretion.

Money Back Guarantee

If a member tries Doorstep Farmers; receives their first delivery, and is not satisfied, we will refund all money to the subscriber.