About our produce

Doorstep Farmers supports the local community. We buy from local, organic farmers in and around Contra Costa County, and even as local as Martinez, Brentwood, Pleasanton, and Fremont! However, to increase the variety and availability of produce offered, some of the contents of each box may contain produce from other area; for instance, in the winter months you'll find that apples on occasion come from further north in the state, and in some instances even Oregon and Washington. The produce in the box is always organic*, and never comes from outside the U.S. 


Some of our add-on items like bananas, and mangos are not grown in the U.S. Because they are not grown in the U.S. we do not include these items in our box, but we do make them available for those members who love bananas and mangos to still be able to add them on.


We are consistently looking to add to our list of local farmers that we source our produce from, so if you have any suggestions for us we would love to hear them.


Thank you supporting our local farms.


*Some of our add-on items like honey and olive oil are not organic but are localy produced and do not contain any pesticides or GMOs. Because they are not certified organic we do not include these items in our box.